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Introduction to Excel and Advance Excel

Excel Mastery: Empower Your Data Management and Analysis Skills

15 hours of 1:1 lessons

Course Overview 

Master Excel with our comprehensive Base Excel and Advanced Excel courses. In Base Excel, learn essential functions, data manipulation, and basic analysis. Advance your skills in Advanced Excel with pivot tables, advanced functions, macros, and automation. Become an Excel expert and boost your productivity and data management capabilities.

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19 practical Task

20 hours of video

Certificate of Achievement

Lesson You 'II Learn 

Topic Covered

Base Excel

Advance Excel

Nested condition

Dashboard creation

  1. Proficiency in essential Excel functions, formulas, and data manipulation techniques.

  2. Ability to analyze data using functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and COUNTIF.

  3. Skills in creating dynamic reports and charts, and applying conditional formatting.

  4. Proficiency in pivot tables for data summarization and analysis.

  5. Knowledge of advanced Excel features like macros, data validation, and automation for enhanced productivity.

​Excel Curriculum

Click on the PDF Icon  to access the detailed curriculum for our Base Excel and Advanced Excel courses. Master Excel and become proficient in data management, analysis, and reporting. Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in Excel!


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